Outlook CRM Software


  • Automatically Save & File all Emails  
  • Seamless Multi-User Data Synchronization  
  • Opportunity & Pipeline Management  
  • Lead Tracking & Web2Lead Integration  
  • Automated Price Quotation Module  
  • Easily Customize Screens, Fields & Pick Lists  
  • Work Off-Line without Internet Access  
  • Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android Integration  
  • Advanced Sales Reports with Crystal Reports  
  • Document Management  
  • SharePoint Integration  
  • Unlimited User Training (Free)  

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SalesOutlook CRM is a very simple "Plug-In" for Microsoft Outlook that downloads into each User's PC in less than 8-Minutes.  Then you simply restart MS-Outlook and you're up and running!  The customer database is contained in a set of "Folders" that will be copied to either a Shared Mailbox or the Public Folders on your In-House or Hosted MS-Exchange Server in order to "Automatically Synchronize" the Customer Data for each user.  This capability makes the SalesOutlook System is the ONLY Outlook-Based CRM System that does not require a dedicated MS-SQL Server Database to store your customer database!


SaleOutlook CRM and Constant Contact

     Email Campaign Management

* Quick Creation of Professional Looking Emails with a Step-by-Step Wizard
* Library of Over 400 Email Templates
* List Management within SalesOutlook
* Real-Time Results Measurement
* Improved Deliverability
* Permissions Management